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Healing Prayer For Writers

Healing Prayer For Writers

Words (c) Indispiritus 2013


Great Mother, I am your child and I call to you: my spirit seeks your face as when I first saw you,
In days of loneliness when you revealed those devas on my path.
And now, at dusk, Great Mother, place your torch beside me: a warm and welcoming beacon for the night.
When I am tired and aching, lead me to the pool of your healing waters, where illness dissolves into ether,
And sickened tissues are regenerated as I drink deeply from your gentle and timeless nature.
When I am distressed by thirst, poverty or hunger, provide bounty and wealth greater than my needs,
And manifest the fruits of my desires.
Help me to achieve the peaceful life I seek within the folds of your sky, your earth and heart
And in the deepest pools of your wisdom.
Great Mother, as I rest in the warmth and peace of your hearth, fill me with your healing breath,
And as I sleep, mend what is broken, purify what is defiled, find what is lost,
And restore what has been taken from me.
Make whole my sight that I may see your beauty, and unstop my ears that I may hear always hear your
Welcome in this hallowed place.
Great Mother, as I rest in your dusky peacefulness, as with the eyes of a child awaiting the moon and stars,
Attune my ears to the sound of life’s song, and to the voices and visions of the future.
Heal my eyes that I may see and write your words, and speak of truth that man will hear.
Guide me, each day, on my path to realisation.
Great Mother, I am your child and I hear you.
Imbue me with courage and kindness, to love myself as you do.
Guide my heart to speak freely, to share my vision with clarity.
Show me the ways of forgiveness and compassion, and teach me of that in nature which is always true:
Of the difference between silence and solitude.
May your light guide me through life’s darkest places, and each step I take be filled with your power and purpose,
So that I may neither fear nor falter.
Help me see there is no fault in the natural world, and guide my efforts to repair the harm I may have done there.
Reveal the timelessness that enfolds you, where the dance of life has neither beginning nor end.
Dear Mother, in my heart there is much longing: help me understand your mysteries upon The Way.

(C) Indispiritus 2013



Not against women, children, the poor, the disadvantaged, the drunk, the vagrant, the refugee, the inmate, the political regime, the ‘different’ kid on the school bus, the woman enjoying her early morning jog, the celebrity, the gay guy at the train station, or the political leader attending a rally.

Violence is not okay.

Violence is not okay in the daily news, or in the shopping centre car-park. It’s not okay in the house next door, in your own home, or in your fantasies.

To present terror as a bed-time story is not okay.

To portray atrocities of war, as news or adult entertainment in games, in TV series or movies: it’s not okay.

To present footage of the aftermath of a car bombing, or mass shooting, is not okay. To call a shooting rampage or an act of murder ‘entertainment’, is not okay, even if we call it a drama series; even if we rate it for mature audiences.

Maybe, as a society, we all have a little shell-shock.

When you witness a violent act, or remember one perpetrated against you, you may not only contemplate, or even enjoy, the experience in your conscious mind. There is something far more sinister happening in your subconscious.

In response to your conscious thoughts about violence, stimulated by witnessing violence on TV, in participating in a violent act in a game, watching scenes of the aftermath of a tsunami, a jet flying into a building, or even reading a story about violence: this very act of witnessing, and imagining, causes your brain to release a cocktail of chemicals that correspond to your conscious thoughts.

These chemicals flood through your body, stimulating your heart, lungs, and adrenal gland. They suppress digestion, cause you to sweat, to feel aroused, to feel frightened, to feel involved. You actually chemically and physically experience the violence you witness in your environment.

Some people find this experience stimulating. Some are even addicted to it. Many find the daily shot of violence provides a quick shot of excitement and escapism they need after their daily work.

We should ask ourselves why we feel we need this. How do we explain this contradiction, this human fascination/ abhorrence with violence?

Perhaps we have gone too far in our desire to experience morbidity. Maybe this desire for excitement, the headiness and sense of empowerment we experience is part of the reason why there are so many acts of violence perpetrated in our world about which we do nothing ….but watch.